ILH is a network of over 30 quality-assured independent hostels throughout Israel, from the Red Sea in the South, to the Golan Heights in the North. ILH offers a wide range of budget accommodations for your travel in Israel.


  • Enable independent travelers to get the most they can from their vacations in Israel
  • Set accommodation standards while focusing on independent travelers’ needs
  • Create a network of hostels working together for the benefit of backpacking travelers in Israel.


  • Location:

    All of our hostels are in locations that appeal to the independent traveler. Whether in the center of Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, or in a remote community in the desert, they all will give you the best viewpoint for exploring, learning about, and seeing Israel’s many cultures, life forms, and unique landscapes.

  • Price:

    We promise a fair price. We also take care that you will get the most for your money, that there will be no rip offs, and that your holiday will be affordable.

  • Atmosphere:

    This is one of the most important things we look for in our hostels. Hostels which provide travelers a unique experience in terms of the people they can expect to meet, as well as in terms of location.

    All of our hostels have a common area, such as a living room or a garden, and they are great places to meet fellow travelers. We believe that the people you meet during your holidays are as important as what you see.

  • Information:

    We strive to provide the most updated information you need about the area from the people who know it best. Receiving a tip about the best restaurant in the area or which bus arrives faster to the main attraction can help you get the most out of your day.

  • Facilities:

    All of our hostels have all or most of the following facilities: dormitory beds, guest kitchens, laundry service, Internet access, accept credit cards, common rooms, hot water, free hot drinks, storage rooms, and lockers.

  • Hostel Owners:

    Most ILH hostel owners were and still are independent travelers on their own. Their mission is to provide you what they desire when they travel, and make your holiday in Israel as enjoyable as possible.