Alfa Guesthouse

Hostel Information:

Kibbutz Beit Alfa


Alfa guest’s houses located in Kibbutz Beit Alfa in the east side of the yizrael valleys (on 669 rode). It is about half an hour drive away from Nazareth, around 40 minutes from Tiberias and only 15 minutes’ drive from the Jordanian border crossing (“king Hussain”). 7 km away from Beit She’an, a city of 2000 years old and 300 m’ away from Bet alfa synagogue national park.

Alfa guest’s houses are at the foot of Gilbo’a mountain, Kilometer and a half away from the Sahne and Valley of the springs.

The closeness to the mountain allows variety of hiking and biking trails, combined with a calm place to relax in.

The guest’s rooms are available in group rooms, couple’s rooms and family’s rooms. All the rooms have air- conditioners and self-cooking station. Outside there is big open lawn, common sitting areas and BBQ stands.

In every room:                            In the compound:
Coffee position                          Swimming pool (during season)
Microwave                                  Laundry machine (with pay)
T.V                                                Mini market during the day
Free WIFI                                     Outdoor BBQ
Kitchen                                        Pergola and common sitting area


18 beds 100 ₪ 280 ₪



Travellers Comments:

Map & Directions:

From Tel Aviv: a bus to Afula’s central station, from there bus number 412 to Beit Alfa.
From Jerusalem: a bus either to Beit She’an or to Afula, and from either one, bus number 412 to Beit Alfa.
From Nazareth: a bus to Afula and then bus number 412 to Beit Alfa.


From Haifa: bus number 301 to Afula and 412 to Beit Alfa.

  • From Haifa and Tel Aviv it is also possible to take the train to Beit She’an, from there a shuttle into the city and then bus number 412 to Beit Alfa.

An additional option is to schedule in advance a transport from Beit She’an train station to Beit Alfa, with a fee of 35 NIS.