Israel Guide

Here you can find some useful information which might help you while traveling in Israel.

National holidays & events:



*No public transportation. Two-day holidays begin on the afternoon of the first day (Erev Hag) and end on the evening of the second day. During this time public transportation stops running. Taxi services operate all year long, including holidays.

No Public Transportation, including taxi services.


Police – 100
Ambulance service – 101
Fire department – 102

Dialing Codes:

Calling to Israel – 972 + local area code (minus zero) + subscriber number
For example, if you want to call 03-5161111, so from abroad you would dial 972-3-5161111 and within Israel you would dial 03-5161111.
Calling from Israel – 00 (or other provider’s code) + required number
For example in order to call to Germany call 00-49-17682111111

Region by Region

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