Traveling in the Galilee


The Galilee really does have it all, a green region covering most of northern Israel, it has beautiful mountains with awesome hikes and nature reserves, and the famous Sea of Galilee, the world’s lowest freshwater lake. The area is home to a tapestry of communities including modern Israeli cities, Arabs towns and villages home to Muslims and Christians, kibbutzim and moshavim (Israeli farming villages), as well as Circassion , Druze, and Bedouin communities. There are historic cities such as Nazareth and Safed, and countless outdoor activities.

Top Attractions

  • Sea of Galilee – Swim at one the beautiful beaches and enjoy the warm, clear waters. Visit the Christian sites around lake including Tabha and Capernaum where Jesus walked on the water, performed miracles and gave some of his famous teachings. A 60 kilometer trail circles the lake, accessible either by foot or bike.
  • The Jesus Trail – from Nazareth to the shores of the Sea of Galilee at Capernaum, the Jesus Trail is a four day hiking trail passing Biblical and Historic sites, as well as modern communities home to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Well marked and accessible, this is an amazing hike.
  • Safed – Visit the Old City of this spiritual city, where the Jewish mysticism (Kaballah) is centered. Taste the original Safed cheese in the local cheese factories, and relax in front of the impressive views of the Galilee’s mountains.
  • Nazareth – Jesus’ home town is becoming the backpackers capital of northern Israel. Stroll down through bazaar, taste the local cuisine, and visit the impressive churches.
  • Mount Meron – The highest pick of the Galilee’s mountains, hike and circle the 1,208 meters summit which offers a 360 degree panorama across all of Northern Israel.
  • Mount Tabor – the perfectly round peak of Mount Tabor is located in the Lower Galilee. Famous to Christians, it is home to the Church of Transfiguration (at the summit), which is divided into Eastern Orthodox (northeast) and Roman Catholic (southeast) areas.
  • Kochav Hayarden (Star of Jorden fortress) – Visit the most complete Crusader fortress in Israel, overlooking the Jordan River, the Jordan Valley and Gil’ad mountains.
  • Hot air ballooning in the Ein Harod Valley – see Israel from above the Jezreel Valley, near Mount Gilboa, and taste the sunrise from a different perspective.
  • Mount Arbel – The most famous view point on the Sea of Galilee. Besides the famous Carob view-point, you can visit the nearby Arbel fortress and the Arbel ancient synagogue. You can visit the sites in an easy visit to the Arbel national park, or take a hike that starts with a steep climb from the sea of Galilee top the summit and descend back through the Abrel wadi.