Traveling in Haifa & North Coast


Haifa is the gateway to the north of Israel, sitting on the Carmel Mountains that slope away to the Mediterranean Sea. The city is known for the coexistence between its Muslim, Christian, and Jewish residents who share this city which is famous for its port and industry. The beaches on Israel’s coastline to the north of Haifa are beautiful and often deserted. They are less sandy than many of the more southern beaches, but equally beautiful. You can find real gems such as Kziv or Betset Beach.

Top Attractions

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Bahai Gardens in Haifa and Acre. Take a guided tour to explore the beautiful gardens and landscaped slopes of the Carmel, as well as the golden temple that sits in the middle.
  • Stella Maris church and the trail down to Elijah’s cave. Visit the Carmelit monastery overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Hike down the pretty trail to the cave which is considered to have given shelter to the Prophet Elijah.
  • Rosh Hanikra is famous for its chalk cliffs which water has carved beautiful caves into. A cable car will take you down the grottoes where you can explore.
  • Kziv Stream – heading down from Meron mountain, the Kziv stream offers several wonderful hiking trails which include springs. Another nice hike is from the Kziv Stream to the Montfort Fortress.
  • Yehiam Stream, Yehiam Fortress and Malka Brewery. A short but beautiful trail from the village of Clil passes through the of Yehiam Stream, through pine and oak trees until you reach the ascent to the Yehiam Fortress. After climbing and touring, cool off with a locally brewed beer at the Malka Brewery, right in front of the fortress.
  • The Haifa Trail offers 70 Kilometers of the diverse urban trekking. The circular route enables you to experience Haifa’s various landscapes and attractions, nature in the city, cultural and religious sights, and unique urban wildlife.